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Housesparrow is poised to publish:
Educational books, literary books, religious and motivational books, fiction and nonfiction, biographies and autobiographies. The exceptional benefit authors get from our publishing schemes is that we make the books we have published available online to be purchased worldwide on market places and in all other eStores.
Also, we execute the production of all other publications such as magazines, periodicals, bulletins, flyers, calendars, diaries jotters, branded exercise books for schools and organizations etc.

Call on Housesparrow for the supply of books, publications, stationery and all other items or materials your company or organisation and even for which you may personally need. Also we are a contracting firm which will speedily execute quality jobs for you in the areas of servicing and maintenance.

Housesparrow undertakes corporate branding of items belonging to companies and organizations such PPEs, stationery, vehicles etc. We as well do branding for individuals, clubs and other social groups for the events and occasions.

Housesparrow offer professional services to corporate bodies and individuals in the area of procurement of stationery and other item. We give you standard and speedy delivery.

Housesparrow’s team of trained and certified speech writers are readily available to writes standard world class speeches on any subject for interested members of the public. Just contact us and we will be at your service.

Housesparrow offers literary training courses through our seminars and workshops which indie authors and anyone else will benefit immensely from. All you have to do is contact us without delay on to see how we can bring the benefits of our courses and workshop materials to you and your wards.